Jeffrey has been directing, coaching and teaching since 1974. He works with professionals and non-professionals, celebrities and amateurs of all levels and ages. His students love his work!
  Jeffrey is available for public and private classes in:

  • theater games
  • character development
  • improvisation
    (emphasizing narrative vs. "barprov"/gag improv)
  • film acting technique
  • cold reading audition technique
  • basics for theatre, film, television
  • Commedia Dell'arte
  • mime
  • environmental acting techniques
  • elevating world consciousness through self discovery!
  • history of early sound recording
  • music history

As an acting coach, Jeffrey has helped novice to veteran performers develop their craft. His seminar,"The Art Of Making it As An Actor" is about the business of acting, providing the aspiring thespian with the nuts and bolts of what it takes to get one's career going and what to do to keep it on track, from building a team and finding jobs to gaining and maintaining a celebrity status.

Jeffrey has been teaching and sharing his years of experience all over the Bay Area lately:

In 2008, I taught film acting classes at the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, a three week advanced acting intensive for young actors in Education Unlimited's camp on the U.C. Berkeley campus, and I was part of Theater Bay Area's ATLAS program, helping guide actors to tools to help advance their professional careers .

During the fall of 2007, Professor Weissman taught improv comedy at Sonoma State University, was an "Artist in Residence" at San Francisco High School of the Arts Academy, and coached an ongoing "film technique" class in Sonoma County.

Jeffrey also taught theater games "intensives" for many fun filled teen improv workshops (immediately followed on the same day by publicly-performed all-teen improv shows!) at the Novato, South Novato, Corte Madera and South San Francisco libraries.  These workshops and shows have proven to be a big hit, especially during the "Teen Read" weeks.  They inspire reading, imagination, teamwork and play.

The kids of today are the actors of tomorrow!

Theater Bay Area invited Jeffrey to present his "Business of Acting" seminar as part of their hugely successful 2008 ATLAS  (Advanced Training Leading Actors to Success) program.  Several hundred actors benefited from his advice and career-building tools.

In February of 2008, Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose invited Jeffrey to give his "Business of Acting" seminar and a demonstration of Commedia Dell'arte to their advanced acting students.

Jeffrey's past accomplishments include helping to form Los Angeles Theater Sports, whose list of alumni includes some of the television industry's top sitcom writers, performers from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and scores of other great talents working in the entertainment world.

Jeffrey teaching an improv workshop for a class of pre-teens - click images for larger view

Jeffrey is in demand as an on-set acting coach, and has worked with film directors to achieve effective communication with talent and crew. His workshop for directors, "Directing Actors: How to get the performance you want from your team", applies not only to working with actors but also shows how to get the very best performances from the whole cast and crew.

Jeffrey often works with aspiring young filmmakers at schools such as USC, UCLA, Loyola University, Chapman College and the American Film Institute. He has worked on the student film projects of a number of up-and-coming young directors, including:

  • Greg Araki and John Schwartsman
  • Catherine Hardwicke

Jeffrey is also active off-set and behind the scenes in the film industry - as a writer, he has assisted with film writing projects, developing plots, characters and scenes. With his network of connections, he is invaluable in helping producers find talent for all departments.

Aside from his wealth of experience in the movie industry Jeffrey also has worked extensively directing live theater productions, including Music Hall, Vaudeville, Musical Reviews and Tribute shows.

Jeffrey is a master of the art of Environmental Theater: acting without a theater, playing characters directly to the public as part of the environment in a theme park or special event. He directed several shows for the multi-billion dollar Universal - Japan theme park in Osaka that remain in performance today, and has trained performers around the world.

Jeffrey has taught classes, workshops and seminars for corporations, casting companies, universities, city colleges, high schools, libraries, outreach programs and fine arts schools, including:

Jeffrey is available for career coaching for actors, directors, writers and entertainers.

Other career highlights include a stint as the artistic director of the Flying Penguins improv comedy troupe, which became the founding varsity members of Los Angeles Theater Sports (LATS). While performing and directing with LATS, he helped the late Ellen Idelson with KIDPROV, and has recently developed TEENPROV, a fully improvised show using teenagers. In 2005, Jeffrey taught students studying to be teachers how to use theater games to develop their students' narrative voices in "From Page to Stage" at Dominican University. In 2005 and 2006, Jeffrey taught three day intensive workshops as well as a four-week course on Commedia Dell'arte.






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