bullet My name is Jeffrey Weissman - and I've appeared in diverse roles in dozens of motion pictures. Here's my IMDB entry.

Did you know? Jeffrey is an experienced voice-over actor, with extensive work experience in animation and radio and tv commercials.

Animated Character

BULLET I've got a brand-new demo reel! Click on the viewers below to watch it.

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bullet Corked...A Taste Of The Wine Country - the movie posterIn Corked,I star as a compulsive obsessive wine maker in this hilarious Christopher Guest-style mock-u-mentary, "Corked" which premiered at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival in April 2008. Read David Templeton's rave review in the Bohemian! "Uproarious... Corked is funnier than the last two Christopher Guest films put together...largely due to Weissman's performance..."

Jeffrey Weissman in CorkedUpdate, 9-11-2008: the test screenings at the California Film Institute and at The Raven Theater proved wildly successful, and the film is in talks with distributors for a release!



expressive-bullet A few months ago, I did a short comedy/horror film called "We Missed You Pete" (click here to watch),written and directed by up and coming talent, Ryan McDuffie. The heartwarming story of two pets that take over Peter's parents' bodies - with deadly results - when he isn't paying them enough attention...it's a very dark comedy.

Scene from the dark comedy We Miss You, PeteScene from the dark comedy We Miss You, Pete - Jeffrey blends something

Scene from the dark comedy We Miss You, Pete - the parents reactScene from the dark comedy We Miss You, PeteNyah-hah-hah -- Scene from the dark comedy We Miss You, Pete

Scene from the dark comedy We Miss You, Pete - proud parents!Scene from the dark comedy We Miss You, Pete - isn't that a blood hand?!

expressive bullet I star as Mark Twain in "Mark Twain in the Holy Land", based on Samuel Clemens' trip on the first commercial sea cruise from New York to Europe with a highlight visit to the Holy Land.  It was the basis for his first wildly popular book, "The Innocents Abroad" or "The Pilgrim's Progress".  This beautiful HD production was shot mostly in Israel in October '07, and is now in post-production.  Look for it at festivals and on television later this year.

Jeffrey as Mark Twain at the Wailing WallJeffrey as Mark Twain

Jeffrey as Mark Twain in the Holy LandJeffrey with a camel

expressive-bullet I appeared in this sketch called "Assaholics Anonymous" (from the Man Show)


expressive-bulletIn 2006, I appeared in Edible, Our Feature Presentation, Hats Off,
Car Babes, Corked, Night Fliers,
the documentary Looking Back at the
, Return To Sender, Christ Throws A Party and did voices in the animated short, Cogs.

b In 2002, I starred in the hilarious independent short release Harold Bloom Is About To Die (viewable at SPIKE.com).

I co-star in the award-winning 2005 feature, Slapdash, which just won best comedy feature at the Cosmo International Film and Game Festival in Gainesville, Florida.

Slapdash photo gallery

Clint Eastwood hired me to play 'Teddy Conway' in his film Pale Rider.

Pale Rider photo gallery

I co-starred with John Lithgow in the Steven Spielberg production Twilight Zone the Movie, in director George (Mad Max) Miller’s episode Nightmare at 30,000 Feet.

Twilight Zone the Movie Photo Gallery

I played ‘George McFly’ at ages 17, 47 and 77 in the Hollywood classics "Back to the Future II & III".
Click here for a related interview.

Back To The Future fan club
Back To the Future Photo Gallery

expressive-bulletI can be seen in Mark Rydell’s For the Boys, Amy Heckerling’s Johnny
Louis Malle’s Crackers, and in scores of television shows, including
Dallas, Max Headroom, Scarecrow and Mrs. King,
even as Screech’s ‘guru’ on
Saved By the Bell

I have also appeared in award-winning and print ads, such as these shown (for United Health Care and Syngenta).



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