Jeffrey Weissman leading corporate training workshopCorporate Training

Jeffrey leads corporate training workshops, specializing in developing productivity and creativity through improvisation and team-building exercises.

The mission is to train people in their professional and private life to communicate with honesty, confidence, individuality and magnetism.

  • Authenticity Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Business & Sales Presentations
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Interview and Client-Facing Skills
  • Professional Interviews
  • New or First Time Employee Training
  • Embrace the unexpected

Among the key aspects of facilitation covered are:

  • Awareness: paying attention to your own responses and to the responses of
  • Presence: really showing others that you are listening to them and their
  • Flexibility: improving our skills to adapt in-the-moment to the emerging
    needs of the group
  • Acknowledgement and affirmation: bringing a “Yes, and” approach instead of a
    “No, but”
  • The paradox of structure and freedom: how to get the best of both worlds;
    when to intervene and when to let the group run
  • Creating goodwill: how to support the human goodwill that is at the heart of
    great teams

Tailored Workshops are designed to meet the particular needs of your
organization. They can be offered as half-day, full day and two-day

They can work both for those who are new to facilitation work, and for those
with considerable experience and wishing to further strengthen their skills.

The format combines different ways of working: individual processing, pairs
and teams, and working with the whole group.

Participants discuss issues of personal concern, and the workshop includes
exercises designed to emphasize the value of flexibility and spontaneity in
working with people. This aspect of the work is based on my own experience
with improvisational theatre – it is highly engaging and energizing and
helps to ground ideas in experience, rather than theory.

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